52 Clichy – B&B & apartment rental in Paris
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About Your Host Rosemary Allan


About your host

Bonjour, my name is Rosemary, your host at 52 Clichy.

How did this happen? Having to pay a mortgage or two concentrates the mind. I decided that starting a Bed and Breakfast might be a possible additional income stream.

All I knew was how many days I needed to be ‘booked’ each and every month to cover my fixed expenses (and before I could eat).


Within only a few months of running the B&B I knew I loved it so much I added the apartment and gave up my day job.

The first people who booked the apartment were shown ‘work-in-progress’ photos without furniture or even a kitchen, I promised them that it would be as comfortable as the Bed and Breakfast, they trusted me, they loved it, I ate.

Since then I have been in publications like the Sunday Times in the UK and Frommer’s Guide Books in the US and my guests have raised me to the Top 10 (of +/- 9500) choices on TripAdvisor.

After providing the best breakfast I can offer, I now fill my days with ‘Luxury Getaway’ champagne-filled style transformations, showing ladies how they can turn themselves into a Stylish Parisienne in only a few hours, providing Image advice to men that they can apply to both their professional and personal lives, taking ladies on fun Personal Shopping expeditions and lots of laundry.

My change in lifestyle has provoked at least 1 major difference in my behaviour – I often tell my guests that prior to starting this adventure I was worried who might arrive at the door but I am amazed how only ‘gorgeous guests’ seem to come to 52 Clichy.

Looking forward to welcoming you, too.